Metering & Maintenance

Revolution Energy services are experienced in delivering smart metering solutions not only to our battery and solar PV systems but also to the full range of utilities.

A smart meter is a device that allows for the remote reading and control of energy consumption. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is achieved by replacing your existing meter with a smart meter or using a data logging device to read and send the pulsed output readings remotely.

The Benefits to AMR

The main benefit to smart meters is that it gives immediate access to accurate information on energy consumption. When you start to understand how much energy you use whether it be electric, gas or water you can start to plan changes to reduce your consumption and hence lower bills.

Having access to half hourly data consumption also allows you to identify spikes in energy consumption or irregularities and act on them. The information is shown graphically online and easily downloadable. Multiple sites and meter locations can be monitored and maintained from one central location and allow for easy billing and collection of tariffs.

By using intelligent features built in and data reading systems makes it easier for the energy user or bill payer to make changes to their day to day practices and highlight where to invest in new energy saving appliances. For example, by monitoring the ambient temperature as well as gas consumption will indicate how well a building retains heat. Alarm messages sent from the meter or logger when a certain threshold has been exceeded can alert someone if there is a burst water or gas pipe.

AMR Advantages

Accurate Invoicing – let you and your customers pay only for they use.

Save Time – no need for manual meter reads or visits to the site.

Energy Management – identify and climate energy wastage along with highlighting the potential energy saving opportunities.

Save Money – predict energy requirements allowing for streamlined procurement along with cutting waste.