Solar PV - Commercial & New Builds

Solar PV - Commercial & New Builds

There are an estimated 250,000 hectares of south facing commercial roofs in the UK. Falling costs in the main solar PV components have meant returns on investment are as good as when the high tariffs were seen in the early years. The benefit of this is solar PV is now far more accessible to businesses. If sized correctly it not only offers a great return on investment (up to 18%) but a long term, secure and stable, source of energy. The cost of energy is due to only rise further and so solar remains a great way for your business to not only invest in the future but keep your costs down.

We work with some the the leading manufacturers in the industry and are both an LG and Solaredge Pro Partner. This allows our clients to benefit from improved yields through panel level monitoring, warranties that last the lifetime of the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) scheme and beyond. It gives them the re-assurance that what they have fitted maximises their investment whilst also minimising any financing risks to the project. To further support this all our systems are fitted with OFGEM approved AMR meters so that the customer can quickly view and read generation readings remotely and submit them for FIT payments.

Solar is a perfect add-on to commercial lighting schemes as these often include large warehouses with suitable roof spaces. We have recently completed projects that have seen ROI above 18% with the main system components having a 20 year warranty. This proves that solar remains not only a great way for your business to lower its carbon footprint and energy consumption but an excellent investment opportunity for the futur. 

Solar PV insurance can also be offered and we would be happy to discuss this and any enquiry with you. 


New Build Solar

Revolution Energy Services provide a full turn key solution to builders and developers so that they can easily meet new building regulations. Solar PV systems offer a great way to help meet your SAP targets, energy reports, The Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM ratings, Part L and local planning requirements such as the London Plan. Our in-house technical and design department can assist with any enquiry that you may have.

new build solar pv installation

Services that we offer to the construction industry cover the following:

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Why Solar?

There is a reason why solar energy has become a trending topic when talking about renewables. While it has been popularly criticized for being expensive or not very efficient, solar energy has now proved to be very beneficial - not only for the environment but also financially speaking. Additionally, due to the higher demand, the technology has been improved and material costs fallen considerably, turning into a very efficient source of clean energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Renewable Energy Source - Solar Energy will be accessible as long as we have the Sun, give or take another 5 billion years according to recent scientific studies.
  • Reduces Electricity Bills - How much you save will be dependent on the size of the solar system installed and the electricity consumption of the site. Excess generation can be sold back to the grid, or to battery storage connected to the solar installation for further savings.
  • Diverse Applications - Solar energy can be used to generate electricity in remote areas without access to the energy grid. This makes it ideal for rural or stand alone, off grid systems where power is required without the need for expensive cable works to be carried out. Solar energy can also be integrated into materials used for buildings, such as the recently released Tesla roof tiles, as well as solar energy windows.
  • Low Maintenance Costs - Aside from cleaning the panels once or twice a year, there is very little that is required for maintenance. There are few moving parts, so wear and tear is minimal. You will generally see manufacturer warranties of 20-25 years on panels, an 5-10 years on inverters.
  • Technology Development - Thanks to increasing demand for renewable energy, research and development teams for the industry have been heavily funded. This has resulted in reduced costs and huge improvements in the technology over the years. Innovations in quantum physics and nanotechnology can potentially increase the effectiveness of solar panels and double the electrical input of the solar power systems in the near future.

The Importance of a Return of Investment

In a nutshell, the more reliable the system lifetime is, the more reliable and certain the investment. With long-term investment returns in mind, it is important to pay careful attention to the system’s bill of materials (BoM), component design and manufacturing practices. Materials that are proven to deliver longer-term performance can help mitigate risk and improve return on investment.

Material specification in the past involved proven technologies and quality was not a concern for system owners. In fact, system owners were not expected to be an expert in PV systems materials technology. Consolidation in the solar industry and the efforts in the value chain to make cost-effective decisions and maintain profitability have driven short-term decisions that could have long-term performance implications. The short-term focus could result in both lower quality and lower performing materials being specified. 

This decision making shifts more risk to PV system owners who may experience far faster power degradation and decreased system lifetime vs. what might be anticipated regarding long-term system performance. Today’s industry consolidation means that the module manufacturer that supplied your system may not be around long-term. Increased awareness of your system’s bill of materials, component design and manufacturing practices helps ensure durability and reliability is designed into your system.

Selecting the appropriate BoM is a key factor in ensuring the durability and reliability of solar panels. Extensive field observations and laboratory testing to determine which solar panel materials withstand the test of time has led to the development of a list of BoM recommendations to make the decision-making process easy-to-understand.

This applies to all renewable materials. There is very little sense investing in materials that have expected lifetimes or degradation that will not see you a return on the original investment. Due diligence on the materials supplied, as well as manufacturer and in almost all cases, installer warranties are essential in determining what you should invest in, and more importantly, what you should avoid! 

Drawing on decades of experience researching, manufacturing and testing solar materials, Revolution offers you best practices for renewable system design, component selection and long-term maintenance.

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