Phoenix Healthcare Distribution, Birmingham

Solar PV

LocationPhoenix Healthcare Distribution, Coleshill, West Midlands

Areas | Trapezoidal Roof

Manufacturers | Trina Solar and Solaredge

System Size (kW) | 249.7

System Output (KWh) | 220,735

Annual C02 Savings (kg) | 114,120

Year 1 Savings & Income | £36,614.51

Payback | 5.89 years

In December 2016 Revolution Energy Services commissioned a 249.7kWp commercial solar PV system to the Birmingham Depot of Phoenix Healthcare Distribution.

This scheme will generate an estimated 220,735 kWh of energy in year one of which 98% will be consumer on site. This is due to the long operational hours and electricity consumption on site.

Revolution Energy were responsible for the design including sizing and ‘half hourly data’ analysis of existing loads. The PV system maximizes the available south facing roof space by using high efficiency Trina TSM-DC05A.08 275Wp modules

Solaredge inverters and optimisers were used to maximise the yields and give the client the level of reporting and safety from their SafeDC technology.

Solaredge inverters also comply with the UL1699B arc detection standard designed to mitigate the effects of some arc faults that may pose risk of fire.

The system comes with extended warranties of 20 years to cover the main components and has a separate insurance policy in place to minimise any potential financing risks associated with this installation. With a payback of under 6 years and accumulated benefits over 20 years of over £1.1 million this offers no only an excellent investment but a secure, clean and stable form of energy for the site.

The PV systems are connected to an AMR metering solution allowing for remote and centralised monitoring and collection of FIT payments.