Experts in the Management
of Renewable Energy

Revolution Energy Services are energy saving specialists, established in October 2015 from a strong and technical background within the renewables industry.

We bring together a range of products and services that allow you to maximise the savings potential of your business or building and secure long term, secure and green energy.

We take pride in our work, offering customers a full turn-key solution through the survey, design, installation, maintenance and monitoring stages of any project and service that we offer.

Solar PV
Commercial & New Builds

Drawing on decades of experience researching, manufacturing and testing solar materials, Revolution offers you best practices for renewable system design, component selection and long-term maintenance.

There is a reason why solar energy has become a trending topic when talking about renewables. Solar energy has now proved to be very beneficial – not only for the environment but also financially speaking. Due to the higher demand, the technology has been improved and material costs fallen considerably, turning into a very efficient source of clean energy.

Why Solar?

★ Renewable Energy Source
★ Reduces Electricity Bills
★ Diverse Applications
★ Low Maintenance Costs
★ Ongoing Technology Development

LED Lighting
Commercial & Retail

There has been a large shift in costs and efficiency if LED Lighting. LED has a number of benefits over conventional lighting and unlike solar, can be directly shown to improve working conditions and environment. It has become a quick and easy way to lower costs. Using LED Lighting improves lux levels, light distribution and is flicker-free.

There are multiple reasons to incorporate LED into all lighting schemes, whether it be at home, for work or even outside. In temperature controlled warehouses, LED fittings with smart controls can help manage and lower the heat.

Why LED?

Renewable Energy Source
Long Life
Energy Efficient / Eco-Friendly
Zero UV Emissions
Design Flexibility
Efficient Light Dispersement
Low Voltage

& Storage

Being one of a few installers to have successfully installed commercial battery storage we are confident that we can assist with any requirement that you may have whether it be export limitation of existing solar PV, peak shaving or Demand Side Response. Find out how to secure your long-term energy in a sustainable and green way.

Installing a battery storage system from Tesvolt, a European Manufacturer and market leader of lithium battery storage systems, offers additional financial and security benefits to those just delivered by a Solar PV array.

Battery Storage

★ Energy Security
★ Cuts your Bills
★ Modular and Scalable
★ Long Life, Cycle and Depth of Discharge (DoD)
★ Online & Remote Monitoring

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