Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Centre, Portsmouth

LED Lighting

Location | Portsmouth

Areas | Office & Office LED Replacements

Manufacturers | Auraled & Ideallux

Savings (%) | 72.5

Annual Savings (£) | 17,792

In June 2016 Revolution Energy Services completed an LED lighting replacement project at the offices and warehouse of Phoenix Healthcare Distribution, Portsmouth. They are a leading global distributor and supplier of pharmaceutical products.

Our works identified areas for significant improvement both in terms of lighting levels and savings that could be seen from what was already in place. From the site assessment layouts were changed and old low bay and fluorescent fittings replaced with high efficiency, long life LED fittings.

Due to the long operating hours of the warehouse individual PIR sensors were fitted to each fitting and those that had natural daylight, auto-dimming also fitted. Many of the areas had varying levels of footfall and usage and this helped to further reduce the electricity consumption on site.

In total over 620 x light fittings were replaced reducing electricity consumption by around 72.5% with annual financial savings of around £17,792 per annum.

As part of a larger scheme for the Phoenix Healthcare Group the fittings are supported by a 7 year warranty with payback around half this figure.

Since the installation the client has commented directly on the improvements in lighting resulting in improved picking rates and reduced errors.

The works also updated and made sure of compliance with current legislation regarding emergency lighting.