Being one of a few installers to have successfully installed
commercial battery storage we are confident that we can assist with any requirement that you may have whether it be export limitation of existing solar PV, peak shaving or Demand Side Response. Find out how to secure your long-term energy in a sustainable and green way.

What We Offer

Commercial Solar PV & Battery Storage Solutions
 Fixed unit cost of electricity of below 10 pence per kWh for 20 years

Full warranty on main components
Lithium battery replacements at year ten

Battery Storage Advantages

Installing a battery storage system from Tesvolt, a European Manufacturer and market leader of lithium battery storage systems, offers additional financial and security benefits to those just delivered by a Solar PV array.

Energy Security

Take the first step towards achieving independence from the energy suppliers by storing the energy you create.

Modular & Scalable

Our battery storage solutions are modular and can be built in blocks up to 1MWp in size. They can also have multiple forms or power generation connected such as PV, biogas, wind, generator and CHP. Solutions can be offered in cabinet form for internal installation or via containerised systems.

Long Life Cycle and Depth of Discharge (DoD) Capability

The latest Samsung battery cell technology partnered with the unique battery management system from Tesvolt allows for DoD up to 100% and offer great cycle rates. Calendric lifetime is 30 years.

Cut Your Bills

Solar PV is often not well suited to the energy demand curve of a business. Having the ability to store the excess energy created by solar means that it can be used later in the day or early the next morning to help power your business. With the export rate for solar set at just 4.91 pence per kWh it also makes no sense to export this if it can be stored and used on-site instead.

Online & Remote Monitoring

Revolution can offer online monitoring and maintenance, ensuring your system is operating to its full potential and that your investment remains protected at all time.

Using the Tesvolt battery storage systems, charge and discharge cycles of your system and can be monitored using the online portal. Additionally, the batteries are very efficiently individually managed, so each cell life expectancy is maximised. This can also be monitored via the online portal.

Quality Assured

We work closely with our supply partner Tesvolt to offer our customers bespoke solutions that take into account key site information, such as half hourly consumption data and PV performance so that we can accurately size and deliver systems that maximise self-consumption and reduce consumption from the grid.