Off-Grid Solutions

Along with grid connected battery storage solutions that help with self-consumption we are also able to offer full-off-grid capable storage along with solar powered smart lighting. Our battery storage solutions can link together a range of power generation including solar, wind, biogas, Diesel Generator and CHP systems.

Further solutions we are currently developing in the UK:

The ‘Revolutionary’ Off Grid Solar Bus Stop:

An Off Grid solution suitable for any area. High quality, vandal resistant unit c/w customizable steel structure with tempered glass. Fully integrated PV roof with GEL battery supports LED lighting, surveillance camera with alarm system and safety button is offered as an option. Interactive advertising, wi-fi router, temperature and air quality measurement, passenger counter, GPS locator, Solar performance monitor with LED display and automatic system updates are just some of the features you can request to have a system tailored to your requirements.

Features include:

  • Solar Powered Roof (4 x 100W Panels)
  • 120Ah battery with up to 16 USB Ports for charging
  • Screen Timetable Display
  • WiFi
  • Radio and speaker system
  • Wireless Charging
  • LED Lighting
  • Wireless Camera and Alarm system
  • Fully customizable side panels for company logo’s/Advertising

All-In-One Solar Powered LED Street lights:

Solar energy and solar products have amassed unmatched popularity in the past few decades—so much so that solar products have obsoleted or, at least, curtailed the dominance of quite a few types of traditional lighting already. One such prominent disruption, resulting from the harnessing of solar energy, was that of solar street lights absolutely side lining the use of traditional street lights. Why the aforesaid disruption took place can be understood simply by considering the importance of solar street lights.

Read on to gain some more insight on a detailed comparison of the two types of street lights and the various benefits of solar street lights:

Impact on the Environment

Solar-driven street lights have no harmful impacts whatsoever on the environment. The use of solar energy to drive street lights is extremely environmentally friendly, and, in fact, far better than the use of traditional street lights driven by electricity which is generated from non-replenishable sources. Moreover, the use of these non-replenishable sources to drive traditional street lights also leads to the production of carbon dioxide as a by-product which is anything but good for the environmental balance.

Visibility and Illumination

Most modern solar-powered street lights are affixed with LED lights or built-in with LEDs. LEDs can be coloured in order to reach the desired Colour Rendering Index (CRI), making them resemble sunlight as closely as possible and increasing night-time visibility as a result in the process. Traditional street lights usually have metal halide lamps which are nowhere close to the visibility offered by solar-LED street lights.


As far as price is concerned, traditional street lights are a lot cheaper than their solar counterparts. However solar street lights turn out to be a better investment at a cheaper cost if the total money shelled out is considered—from money spent on installation and maintenance to the lamp/component or light replacements. Solar street lights require little or no maintenance. Also, unlike traditional street lights, the solar lights do not require electric poles to be set up explicitly, which is a lengthy and expensive procedure with approval required usually from several different companies.

Lifespan of the Lights

Conventional street lights can last only for around 5,000 hours. The total life a solar street light using an LED lamp is as many as around ten times the lifespan of traditional street lights.


Solar driven lights keep the streets illuminated all through the night irrespective of power cuts or grid failures. Traditional street lights very often stop functioning in the event of a grid failure.